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Data and Privacy Protection

Your privacy and trust is a paramount core value to the whole team at Zenzero. We take the utmost care in our marketing practices to ensure your privacy is maintained at all times. We hold ourselves to the highest data protection standards, with robust internal data protection policies to keep your data safe. Our policies are enforced by our appointed data protection officer, who can be contacted directly at dpo@zenzero.im

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I had an account with you on a Nektan site, and I have received a flyer/letter/SMS/email. Why?
A: We no longer have products or services with our previous operating partner, Nektan. You can find out more information by clicking here or by contacting our Data Protection Officer with any questions you might have.
Q: I received a flyer/letter/SMS/email. How did you get my information?
A: We only contact customers of our own sites, who are opted in to marketing, using the information given to us on active customer accounts. You can find a list of our sites below (jump to list). If you can't remember making an account, or your address or phone number has been given to us in error on someone else's account; you can contact our Data Protection Officer. Our DPO will investigate and sort the erroneous information on our, and our operating partner's, systems.

Sometimes a business partner of ours might contact you with offers for one or more of our sites, using details you have registered with them. In those cases, we have not contacted you directly; you will have an account with the partner and they have contacted you because they think you might be interested in our products and offers. It should be clear who has contacted you, and why, but if you are ever unsure who has contacted you about any of our products, you can contact our Data Protection Officer to investigate.
Q: I am a member of one of your websites, but I have received a flyer/letter/SMS/email about one of your other websites, or a business partner's website. Why?
A: If you are opted in to marketing on one of our websites we may from time-to-time contact you about one of our sister sites, or with an offer from a business partner's site, because we believe it may be of interest to you. If you would like to receive marketing only about the website you are a member of, please contact our Data Protection Officer and we will remove you from marketing about our sister or business partner websites.
Q: I think someone's made an account at one of your site's with my details, what can I do?
A: Most of the time we are contacted about this, it turns out the person had a genuine account opened, by them, and they'd just forgotten about the account. We can help you close any accounts if they are no longer of interest to you. Simply contact our Data Protection Officer for help

In some rare cases, an account may have been opened using your details, by someone else. We, and our operating partners, take identity fraud extremely seriously. When accounts are created they go through a verification process to validate the account's information. If someone else uses your details accurately, it is possible this verification would succeed, even if it is not you who opened the account, because they knew enough information about you. You can contact our Data Protection Officer to investigate further and have accounts with your details closed. Once the account has been closed it will enter our operating partner's dormant account process and your details will be deleted from the systems.
Q: I recently opted out of marketing material, but still received some. Why?
A: Different systems update in different timescales. For example, if you opt out of postal mail marketing, a flyer or letter might already be in the hands of the Royal Mail heading to you. While we do everything we can to limit this from happening, by using the most up-to-date information to post materials, sometimes the timings just don't line up. We apologise if this happens to any of our customers, but rest assured any change in communication preferences should update across all systems within a couple of days and at most a week or two. If you are still receiving mail from us after this time please contact our Data Protection Officer to investigate why, and we will correct any errors in your communication and marketing preferences.
Q: I am opted out of all contact options, but received a flyer/prize/letter/SMS/email. Why?
A: We, and our operating partners, are sometimes required by law to contact you about your account with us. Because of this, our website's Terms, Conditions, and join Privacy Notices from us and our operating partner includes a condition that, if the communication is specifically about your account or the product or service you are a customer of - and it is not advertising or marketing based - we will still have to contact you. For example, we have to inform you of significant updates and changes to the Privacy Notice or a website's Terms and Conditions.

If you received a letter/SMS/email from us, it may also have been related to a specific promotion or offer you have taken part in. When you opt-in to a specific promotion or offer, sometimes there is a dedicated Privacy Notice only related to that promotion or offer. In those instances, you would have given permission for us to contact you in some way, about that promotion or offer, and we will honor that permission and not contact you outside of what you have agreed to. We try to make it as clear as possible if you are giving us permission to do this, but if you are unsure whether you gave this permission you can contact our Data Protection Officer to check our records, as we keep a record of when permission was granted and/or revoked. You can also ask to revoke any previously given permission at any time, as is your right under the GDPR laws.

For example, you might take part in a prize-draw promotion where the prize is a new kitchen blender. The promotion will have a Privacy Notice on the promotion article where you clicked or tapped a button to take part. It would say that, for only that promotion, you give us permission to post a prize related to the promotion to the verified address on your customer account. If you want to take part in such an offer, but wouldn't want anything posted to you, you can usually contact the promotions team in-advance before any winner is selected and let them know you'd rather have a cash-alternative, if one is available. Otherwise they can remove you from the promotion or offer, revoking any permission given to us to contact you.
Q: I opted in to receive a prize or communication related to a single promotion or offer, but I also got marketing material with it. Why?
A: We will explain in the Privacy Notice of any specific promotion or offer that, if you agree to receive a communication as part of that promotion or offer, we may also include related offers in with the communication. This marketing material would only be included with communications you agreed to, and you won't be opted into general marketing communications as part of this. Once the promotion or offer is over, we wouldn't contact you about it again unless you ask us to.

As an example of what could happen: If you won a new kitchen blender in a prize-draw promotion, and you'd agreed to receive the prize, we might include a flyer about a similar promotion or offer, in with the prize you won, because we think it would be of interest to you. We wouldn't then start posting you other material, or consider you opted in to general marketing, as the promotion or offer would have ended, along with the permission you gave us.
Q: If I contact a website of yours of which I am a customer, or Zenzero directly, how is my privacy and data handled?
A: When you phone, email, or send us a letter you may or may not have a customer account with us, therefor you may or may not have seen or agreed to our Privacy Notice. In instances where you initiate a communication with us, your personal information and privacy will be handled in line with the law and our published Privacy Notice.

All information provided to us will be treated with the utmost care, and only held for a suitable timeframe for auditing and ensuring any issue or query you have raised with us can be handled.

Most importantly, contacting us - for example, one of our website's Promotions Teams - will not be considered, by us, as opting in for marketing purposes. We will only contact and reply to you in the ways you have requested us to do so. For example, if you email the Promotions Team asking for someone to call you about a problem, we will consider that a one-time grant of permission to contact you on the phone. Once the related matter you contacted us about is resolved, we will consider that permission to have ended.

Privacy Notices

Zenzero's Privacy Notices explain what data we have about you; what we do with your data; who has access to it, and why; and what your rights and available controls are. We have a Privacy Notice published for each service provider marketing partnership we have:

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